A day for voluntary labour

A day of voluntary labour. 05.05.19 A day at Paani Foundation’s work. It has been clearly evident from the past few years that the water scarcity crisis is ever growing and huge. It may soon turn into a colossal monster that will engulf the humankind. Lack of water scarcity is disturbing the lives and economy … Continue reading A day for voluntary labour

The F – word.

The F - word,which is feared by many- feminism,is what I planned to write this month because we had 'International Women's Day' on 8th of March. Feminists. It is a word that creates speculations, doubts and quirky responses when pronounced. It sends a wave of uneasiness in one's body. Two years ago, when one of … Continue reading The F – word.

2018 in Quotes.

What we really need in 2018- 1. Love- "Love yourself, it is important to stay positive because beauty comes from inside out." - Jenn Paroske. 2. Dreams- "All our dreams come true, if, we have the courage to pursue them."- Walt. Disney. 3. Fearlessness-  "Let us not pray to be fearless when facing them." - … Continue reading 2018 in Quotes.

Who Rules The World?

Review of the book -Who rules the world - by Noam Chomsky.   The author starts the book by saying that the US sets the terms of global discourse, rights and justice,etc. But its power has been declining since 1945. Though the states us controlling much of international political stage, its citizens do not have … Continue reading Who Rules The World?

My vision of India

Hello everyone! Writing an article after a long time...may be after few years! So please ignore any shortcomings you come across while reading this article. Okay, lets start! This article is about my vision of India in future. Views seems to be quite controversial; But if you give a thought to it, you would definitely … Continue reading My vision of India

Pen and paper.

There are times when we stare at the computer screen wondering what to write. Type some words, and then all together delete them all. Everything looks rubbish. This groping for words becomes a familiar task. The eerie silence is no longer grotesque. But then I took a pen and a paper. Words just began to … Continue reading Pen and paper.

Dignity of work.

What should I do if I've achieved something I wanted but now it’s affecting my self-respect negatively? Should I give up? No. Not at all.   Achieving something that you want does not come easily. Their are many people who want to truly achieve what they want. They truly try for what they desire. Remember, … Continue reading Dignity of work.